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Best Affordable SEO Services and cheap SEO packages in the industry. Cheap does not mean, results are not guaranteed. Our Affordable SEO Packages services will not only achieve the first page ranking for our website but also drive sales and increase conversion for your business.
Check our Case Study and real SEO ranking results.

Why Affordable SEO Packages?

Breaking the Concept

Bring more Customers

Having an SEO optimized website or blogs can surely bring in more customers to your site. Since a lot of people use search engines, the users will visit your website to find products and services that they are looking for. The higher the traffic, the better the income.

Better Conversion Rates

SEO is all about a smooth and well-structured website. You are more likely to gain more visitors if your website is easy to use or navigate. Who will want to check out and stay on your website for even a minute when you have complicated buttons and designs just laying around right?

Gains Brand Awareness

It is one of the benefits when you are in a higher rank; you will gain brand awareness. When your website appears on the first or front page, the users will more likely to trust your website than those other sites that aren’t on the first page. It will also help in promoting all your products.

Why Do You Need Affordable SEO Packages for Small / Startup Businesses?

Nowadays, people are now relying on search engines for easier access to find what they are looking for. So if you’re a new business owner or a small business owner wanting to scale up your game, this means that audiences are more likely to search for your products on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and etc. Having search engine optimization (SEO) is important because you need someone to buy your products.
SEO for small business owners is really great and recommended to gainmore visibility for your brand, products, and services. Search engine users tend to trust on the first page since it is what is first recommended than to those sites that are on the next pages.
If your business is in a higher rank in search engines, your website will most likely gain or attract more potential customers. However, since there are millions of competition in the market, you’ll probably be left behind on the 1000th page of google, do you want that?

Dricki's Affordable SEO Packages India: Global and National SEO Packages Services

Key Words Optimized10 Keywords15 Keywords25 Keywords30 Keywords
Top 10 Ranking Guarantee (Low to Medium Competition)581520
Weekly Reporting Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
SupportEmail, Chat & PhoneEmail, Chat & PhoneEmail, Chat & PhoneEmail, Chat & Phone
Customized Presentation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Initial Review & Analysis    
In Depth Site Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Duplicate Content Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Inital Backlinks Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Google Penalty Check Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Competition Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Initial Rank Report Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Keyword Research Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
On-Page Optimization    
Web site Speed Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Internal Link Optimization Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Page & tags Optimization Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Structure Optimization Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Content Optimization10 Pages20 Pages40 Pages80 Pages
XML Site Map creation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Title & Meta Tags Optimizations Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Google analytics installation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Google webmaster tools account Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Local Search Optimization    
Google My Business Setup & Verification Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Bing Map Setup and Verification Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Schema Setup for Contact Page Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Business Listing10203040
Map Location Optimization26810
Off-Page Optimization    
Blog Submission1246
Article Submission24610
Citation Building10203040
Paid Blogger (Outreach Only)5101520
Classified Submission5102035
Article Promotion35810
PDF/DOC Submission581012
Youtube Video Promotion Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Links from social media Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Image Submission Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Free Blog Creation1234
Discussion ForumsNil123
Profile Page Creation8101215
Content Marketing (Per Month)    
Blog WritingNil123
Article WritingNilNil12
PDF Creation1124
Press Release WritingNilNil12
Inforgraphic CreationNil124
  • Page speed depend upon website theme and platform
  • Client needs to provide video
  • Need website access to do optimizations
  • Cancel any time after placing the order.
Ready to Start SEO with our Cheap SEO Services Packages?

Reasons Why Cheap SEO Packages India could be your Right Decision? Check How Our Affordable SEO Services Can Benefit Any Business.

Everyone internet blaming and claiming that cheap SEO packages are not good for your business. But we do not agree with that. We have seen a number of businesses take help from Indian SEO companies that provide affordable SEO services.



We are also one of the leading SEO companies in India that have been serving the USA, AUS, Canada, UK, and Indian Clients for the last 10 Years. We have a great track record of achieving results for our clients. 


Read our case studies and check our real results as Proof of our work. 


Here are some Genuine Reason to choose Cheap SEO packages and SEO Services for your business; – 


Startup Business

No doubt when you start an online business or website, you have a limited budget and area of working. When you are not in the situation to invest thousands of dollars where you do not know how to proceed and what ROI should you get?


In that situation, we recommend you to choose our affordable SEO packages to get started. 


Small Local Business

Those have small businesses and serve only in their local areas they do not need to go with hundreds of keywords. Local SEO is a great option for your business. On Avg., 5 to 10 keywords are enough for them to start their online presence. 


We have a number of examples such as a plumber, pest control, dining, food delivery, etc. 


Establish a Brand Identity

If Small businesses or industries can not spend a big amount on SEO Services that does mean that they can not establish their brand identity. Establishing a brand identity is very crucial for a start-up to succeed. The unique brand identity helps them stand out from the multiple companies in the same niche, and also make a mark in the potential consumer base’s. You need to understand that the branding campaign can be easy, even with cheap SEO packages in India, for the niche target base is always receptive to new ideas, if genuine.


Client Retention

it’s easy and important to retain Small and medium-size businesses for any SEO company. Big SEO companies recover all of their staff, multiple offices cost from the clients. That is an unnecessary expense that clients have to pay them. Their focus is to get extra money, but we only focus on client retention, we are not after the money. We believe in long term business relationships with clients. 


Result Oriented

We are a result-oriented SEO company in India. We have more than 30 experienced SEO experts in our team. Our goal is to generate revenue for our clients, if we generate the revenue and business for them and automatically we will get our monthly fee. So we focus on a win-win strategy. 





Technology Enhancement

The reason for the high demand for affordable SEO packages in India is due to the technology becoming more accessible and more and more industries are opting for affordable SEO services. The resulting effect of this sudden overwhelming demand for search engine optimization has increased the competition, among the firms providing these services. So it’s important to provide better services at a low cost. 


We have already served thousands of clients and help them with their business initiatives. Right now search engine optimization is helping a lot of new companies and individuals target their niche-specific audience whether it’s local or national and promote their websites online. So, its better to invest in our cheap and affordable SEO packages rather than sitting ideal and watch your competitors’ hog all the limelight is entirely up to you.

Why you should not avoid India's Cheap SEO Packages for your Business?

SEO denotes search engine optimization; it helps the users to regulate the quality traffic towards their website. It also helps these sites in reaching their target audience. There are various kinds of SEO packages available, including cheap SEO packages as well as expensive ones.


The affordable ones can also turn out to be as beneficial and efficient in building a website as other expensive ones. These help in ranking the sites on the first page as an individual search with the help of keywords.


Benefits of India’s Cheap and Affordable SEO Services Packages

Whenever a user searches for SEO packages, they tend to select the ones which are more expensive. Whereas, here we offer affordable packages that will help your site to get the best ranking. It will also draw a lot of heavy and quality traffic towards your site.


It not only helps in driving traffic towards your website but is also a convenient option to get your website to a higher ranking. In order to provide a great lead to your business getting an SEO package is a necessity. The packages that we offer are extremely affordable and will provide you with every feature that any other highly-priced package does.


Usually, these highly expensive packages cost higher fees than many other affordable ones and also do not guarantee a promised outcome. Whereas the more affordable ones like the packages that we offer have one of the better work quality as well as gives the best outcome.


SEO the Perfect Market Strategy

We promise to offer the affordable seo service designed according to the keyword provided to us as well as the type of business. SEO can also be the perfect market strategy that helps your website to get a much better ranking.


Once your website has been highlighted with the help of the SEO packages, your brand will be put on the first page. Through this, we help our users to have more potential in their businesses.


SEO can also be considered as a way of keeping ahead in the competition. It is one of the most helpful market strategies that can be adopted by a website. With the help of this market strategy, they get a high ranking for their search results. The cheap packages we offer for SEO, provide the best outcomes. These also help in keeping the competitors behind you by increasing the visibility of your site online.



Certain highly-priced SEO packages offering companies may not be able to provide the level of service they guarantee. While we provide the promised outcome at a considerably cheap amount, the package we offer is much more affordable.

It may also help you to take the step in the right direction in order to make your website available to people. It will help your website to be highly ranked and will also keep your website ahead of other competitors.


Taking into consideration all the advantages that we offer, you should definitely get the affordable package of SEO.


Feel free to contact us for more information and let us know about any further queries.

SEO strengthens your internet marketing and Allows your local marketing efforts to grow.

SEO helps you build deeper relations with your audience and prospect clients. It allows you to have the authority while improving the customer experience and services. Through SEO you can gather more audience to your website which gives you an edge over your competitors

As your company continues to appear in the search results of the audience, it will increase their awareness of your business and builds trust in your company.

SEO helps you build deeper relations with your audience and prospect clients. It allows you to have the authority while improving the customer experience and services. Through SEO you can gather more audience to your website which gives you an edge over your competitors

SEO boosts Credibility.

As your website gets to the top results,users will trust your website. 75% of the users stick to the first page of search results because they trust search engines to filter the results for them.

Drives high-ended traffic to your website and generates more leads, sales, and market share for the business.

Unlike traditional marketing, SEO allows your website to be seen in search results which means they are looking for you and in need of your services. This also allows you to generate more leads and sales.

SEO promotes your business non-stop.

Since the world wide web is open and can be accessed anytime, your website will always appear to the user’s search result as long as they are using the keywords that correspond to your website.

Measures your success in real numbers.

SEO also allows you to access your digital analytics in real-time. Different web tools allow you to access the performance of your SEO which includes your website traffic, bounce rate, conversations, and time on site.

Benefits of Starting an SEO Campaign with Affordable SEO Company

You might wonder, what is SEO and what does it do?  SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to websites or webpages from search engines. SEO allows improvements to your website to increase its visibility for relevant searches. With better visibility, your pages will gather more attention and visits from the users and will attract your prospective clients and customers.

What is an SEO Company?


An SEO company is practically a company that does what SEO is about. It serves as a partner to every business that boosts your visibility in the search engines. The increased visibility is equivalent to more traffic to your website which leads to sales, and phone calls.

With more traffic, it allows the business to gather and attract new clients and customers. Affordable SEO services provide the needed and highly recommended boost to your website with a helpful, affordable price, most specifically to every small business owner and starters. Having a partnership with an affordable SEO company does not have to mean that you will be having a low-quality SEO service.

How to Pick The Right Affordable SEO Services Company in India?

When you start searching for affordable SEO Company for your small business, you want to think about not only the SEO services they will offer but also you should check their team as well. By talking to the team, you come to understand what type of services they will deliver to full fill your goals. Some SEO companies use unethical techniques to ranking any website faster in Google but that website got banned after some time. So it’s better to understand the main points that need to look before hiring an affordable SEO service company.


In House SEO Team


Some companies do some tricks and start outsourcing their work to save money.  They may outsource your website to other countries where labor is less expensive.


So its clearly visible that you won’t get high-quality work on your website. Opposite to that when your website is handled by In house SEO team, you can monitor and talk to them and check the quality of work.  Or you can directly do a phone call and understand what is happening on your website.


In SEO, there is a number of tasks include in your campaign. Some handle the content writing, onpage task, technical audit, and Link building process. Its easy for in house team to manage all the things in one place.


Target Potential Customers


It is the SEO team’s responsibility to get targeted or potential customers on your website. If you are not getting targeted visits then there is no use of the promotion.


Some SEO companies do not understand what is good and what is wrong for clients. They blindly take any keyword that they can rank faster to impress the client. But that keyword may not attract the sale and leads.  Good SEO Service Company must do perfect keyword research first to start the SEO campaign. There should be a detailed analysis of client products and services.  Only then SEO team members come to know that what type of keywords can bring the right traffic to client’s website.


White Hat SEO Practices


There are three types of SEO practices – White Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, and Black Hat SEO. Using white hat SEO practices is most important for your company website.  No doubt Google will immediately mark red your website if Google notices any black hat SEO practice. Which results to lower ranking and traffic on your website?


What is White Hat SEO practice and Grey Hat SEO?  While SEO is about building the links on a high authority website. Sometimes High authority sites ask for money to get client links published on their website. If the client has the budget then the SEO Company can go with that link otherwise companies need to work on grey hat SEO techniques.


But clients should keep themselves away from the Black Hat SEO, that can result in a permanent ban on their website. Back hat SEO includes unrelated links, low-quality links, and spammy links.  ON the other hand, white hat Seo Company can help you to improve your website ranking, traffic and sales.


Niche-Specific Link-Building


41% of businesses believe that backlinking is one of the most difficult aspects of SEO. While it may be difficult, and even confusing at first, link-building, or backlinking, is one of the most effective off-site SEO tactics to help your users get to your website. There are a couple of different ways to build links.

Authoritative backlinks include:

  1. Blog posts that are written by authorities in your niche field
  2. White papers
  3. Informative videos
  4. Blogger outreach
  5. Document Sharing
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Niche Forum Submission

Previous Client Portfolio


When customers buy anything online, they defiantly check previous customer’s reviews and feedback. The same thing is here when you choose an affordable SEO services company.  You must check their previous client’s portfolio. What results that SEO Company has achieved for other companies?


You must pick a company that has proven SEO records.  Your SEO Company must know about your services and come up with a great idea to promote your business.

Why Choose Our Cheap SEO Packages Company to Get TOP Rank in Google?

Helping your Firm Grow through Our Strategy

1. Awesome Results

We know your #1 focus is results, and ours is too. You can check our SEO results where you want to see yours.

3. 100% Transparency

We are very much clear on what we are doing on behalf of you and will inform you on regular basis.

5. Exclusivity

We’d rather decline their business than lose yours. We will work exclusively for your and inform you before taking new clients.

2. Single-minded focus

We feel many agencies get distracted from their core skills by offering a bunch of related services to diversify their revenue stream

4. No Contracts

We do not believe in contracts. We will deal directly as per your demand.

6. We Measure Everything

Measuring means money in the bank. Your site is safe and secure in our expert SEO team hand.

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