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Established in 1999 & Acquired by ADA in 2016, LEGEAR Australia is the leading supplier of Law Enforcement, Military, Public Safety and Outdoor products in Australia and New Zealand. It has built a reputation on providing the highest quality products, offering exceptional service and on time delivery.

One Source Solutions holds the required licenses for the importation of controlled goods and we have specialised staff trained in ITAR and UK Export Controls to ensure a seamless experience when procuring specialised goods. We have a dedicated government sales force staffed by ex-Law Enforcement, Military and Industry professionals who understand the products and their application so you can trust that you are in good hands. We listen to you to provide you the best solution for your needs and we deliver. Our dedicated team works for you.

Client: Legear
Project Date: 4 June 2018

Project Overview

An ecommerce client that sells high-end juicers came to Dricki IT Solutions to help with its search engine optimization, wanting to increase visibility organically because most customers were finding the company’s juicers only through business-name searches. A few months into the SEO strategy, it also asked Dricki to help with its pay-per-click campaign.

Dricki integrated cross-channel online marketing using SEO and pay-per-click. In the pay-per-click marketing, Dricki saw great results across the whole AdWords account.

Successful Campaign

Result Achieved

Dricki optimized its Google Shopping campaign to better utilize spend and decrease irrelevant traffic/search terms.

The year-over-year AdWords improvements included:

  • Account Spend: -46%
  • Average Position on Search Engine Results Pages: +76%
  • Average CPC: -4.5%
  • Click-Through Rate: +138% (Search Campaigns: +449%)
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition: -14% (Search Campaigns: -21%)
  • Search Spend: -31%
  • Overall Conversion Rate: +11% (Search Campaigns: +33%)
  • Google Shopping Conversions: +72%

The year-over-year improvements included:

  • Conversion Rate: +39%
  • (Search Campaigns: +43%)
  • Click-Through Rate: +131%
  • (Search Campaigns: +511%)
  • Average Position: +83%
  • Search Campaigns CPA: -14%
  • Search Impression Share: +69%

Executing The Strategy

As part of the SEO strategy implemented, Dricki optimized the ecommerce business’ images, provided content ideas and built links for the company. Thrive reached out to several top juicing bloggers to secure important links to help it rank higher in keyword searches.  The efforts paid off, with Dricki helping the juicer business compete organically with ecommerce heavyweights such as Amazon, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Dricki performed a PPC audit initially once the ecommerce business started using the service. Dricki immediately created negative keywords lists, paused overlapping/duplicate keywords, created new ad copy and corrected conversion tracking.

+450% Search Campaigns
Click-Through Rate
Organic Revenue
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