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Very happy and results have been great! Dricki IT Solutions has helped us focus on the areas of work to increase our profits. Our SEO specialist has done a great job in keeping our SEO ranked high in a market that is very competitive


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Every photographer wants to present the fruits of their labor in the best possible way, and often, this means exploring a broad spectrum of options. While traditional printed photographs serve a purpose, there are often advantages to considering alternative ways to print pictures. Canvas prints offer a host of benefits

A canvas is more than a canvas, it’s the memories we make, that imprint on them forever. Only at Canvas Prints

Executing The Strategy

A Dricki Internet Marketing Agency SEO specialist helped Canvas Prints by reviewing its website and finding ways to increase online visibility and presence for the targeted local cities.

Dricki also expanded upon Canvasprints existing content because its service pages had less than 200 words, helping to increase the company’s organic search engine results.

Dricki helped them to increase their main keywords ranking in Google search that has highest volume. That help them to increase organic traffic.

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