Ecommerce SEO

We are a company run by athletes designing premium equipment to help athletes perform at their best.

Originally established in Europe, we set up an Australian company with a large warehouse and showroom in Gold Coast Queensland in 2018 keeping stock of a large range of items to supply both commercial and home gyms. Every single person in our company from the bookkeeper to warehouse staff has a passion for fitness and works out regularly.

Client: Verve Fitness
Project Date: 15 July 2019
BOOSTING Online Sale

Challenge And Solutions

Before starting with verve fitness, their traffic and sale was zero.  We had to start from scratch. They were building fresh new sites and ready to enter into highly competitive market.  We had a big challenge to beat the competition and start selling their products.

As they have big ecommerce website, they have hundreds of products on their website and each product have multiple keywords. All keywords have super high competition. But we know what we have accepted as a challenge. We believe that we will full fill the client expectations.


Comparison of Result

Below is the Google analytic graph which show the difference between before and after results.




Delivering Results

With in the six month of SEO working, client surprised to see the results. As shown in above graph their traffic was increasing. From 0 to 3000 per month and then from avg 3000 to 20000 visits per month.

Our number of high volume keywords are not at first page of Google that was generating the super high traffic. They were not even able to handle to lots of orders from the organic traffic.  Conversion increased to 3000 times and traffic 20000 times.

20,000 Time traffic Increase
100X Sale Increase
300% ROI

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