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We provide manual blogger outreach services to those who want to get first page ranking for their website in Google. We have wide range of Categories and high Domain Authority websites. That will deliver awesome results in quick session. Google love content based backlinks and you will love too.
Our blogger outreach service is as good as it gets in terms of link power and quality. We write high quality, professional content which contains information about your brand with links back to your website. Our outreach team then manually negotiates with real bloggers in your niche to have the content published on their high authority blogs, which then passes juice and authority to your website.

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    Why Our Guest Posting Services is different from Others?

    Here are the reasons why our guest posting services is better than others . We have highlighted main features, what we promise to our clients and what we deliver.

    No PBNs or Black Hat Links

    We do 100% genuine outreach to real sites with real authority. We will never put you at risk or get a link built for you that is automated by a bot or placed on a PBN network. We are working directly with writers that get placements on these websites. We have zero access or control over these sites.

    Links are Placed Within the Body of the Article

    Google wants contextual links surrounded by relevant content. That is exactly what we provide to you. We work to get the desired anchor text linked back to your site from the body of the article. No sidebar links or site-wide spammy looking looks. All natural, every time.

    Your Article is Written by Native English Speakers

    Every article we create for you will be written by a native english speaker. We want to make sure that if you are reselling these links to your clients, that the client will be happy with the finished product. Nothing looks worse than showing them a product that is poorly written.

    Your Link is Surrounded by Other High-Quality Outbound Links

    We do 100% genuine outreach to real sites with real authority. We will never put you at risk or get a link built for you that is automated by a bot or placed on a PBN network. We are working directly with writers that get placements on these websites. We have zero access or control over these sites.

    We built it on High Domain Authority Sites

    We have relationship with high end bloggers, who's websites have already gain the high Domain authority from MOZ and high trust from Google. We selected range of websites so we can provide the high quality work to our clients so they can trust us and Google on them.

    We Can Build Links at Scale

    No matter how aggressive you want to be with your link building efforts, we can accommodate. If you have 50 clients that need 10 links each per month, we can deliver. No matter what your order size, we have the capacity to build at scale.

    Best Manual Blogger Outreach Services Plan & Packages

    Below you can compare our plan and pricing. We have competitive plans in guest posting services industry. No one can provide better pricing than us. We are affordable and high end quality service providers.

    Standard Plan

    Domain Authority 20+


    Per Guest Post

    $15 Extra for 500 Words High Quality Content

    • DA 20+
    • 100% Genuine Outreach
    • Guaranteed DA20+ Blogs
    • 1 Anchor Text / URL
    • Average Ahrefs DR20
    • Average Majestic TF5
    • Turn Around Time – 5 Days
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    Economy Plan

    Domain Authority 30+


    Per Post

    $15 Extra for 500 Words High Quality Content

    • DA 30+
    • 100% Genuine Outreach
    • Guaranteed DA30+ Blogs
    • 1 Anchor Text / URL
    • Average Ahrefs DR30
    • Average Majestic TF15
    • Turn Around Time – 7 Days
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    Executive PLan

    Domain Authority 40+


    Per Post

    $15 Extra for 500 Words High Quality Content

    • DA 40+
    • 100% Genuine Outreach
    • Guaranteed DA40+ Blogs
    • 1 Anchor Text / URL
    • Average Ahrefs DR40
    • Average Majestic TF35
    • Turn Around Time – 7 Days
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    Industry PLan

    Domain Authority 50+


    Per Post

    $15 Extra for 500 Words High Quality Content

    • DA 50+
    • 100% Genuine Outreach
    • Guaranteed DA50+ Blogs
    • 1 Anchor Text / URL
    • Average Ahrefs DR50
    • Average Majestic TF55
    • Turn Around Time – 7 Days
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    *Tell Us about your Industry

    **You can share quality images to post in Article

    How to Proceed with our Guest posting Services?

    Step 1.
    Place Order & Provide Inputs

    Purchase your guest posts and supply us with the desired URL and anchor text you’d like placed within each post. That’s all the info we need from you to get started.


    Step 2.
    Matchmaking & Writing

    Our team will review your site and anchor text to determine the most topical, relevant blog for each of your posts. We’ll share our choices with you and let you approve or veto the selections made. After we get your go-ahead, we’ll pass the info onto our contributor to write the post and queue for publishing.


    Step 3.
    Publishing & Reporting

    After the article is published, our team does a manual check of the work done. We verify that your link is placed as-ordered, naturally within the article content. If it passes our quality checks, we’ll send off a white label report to you with links to the guest posts you purchased.

    Why is Guest Posting or Blogger Outreach Important?

    • The average buyer consults 11 product reviews before making a purchase decision. Most of these are blog posts.
    • Bloggers are easier to search for by granular contextual criteria than influencers on other platforms.
    • Bloggers are some of the most sought out resources when consumers are researching brands and products. In fact at least 81% of the digital population trusts advice they get from bloggers.
    • Bloggers are active on a variety of social channels so they are a great springboard for campaigns that span across many digital channels.
    • Bloggers write about niche based topics instead of genre allowing marketers to find influencers who have a very targeted audience.
    • Action and social mentions are driven more effectively by “power middle.” Mid-level influencers like bloggers have a smaller but more loyal audience and drive 16 times more engagement than paid media and “mega influencers.”
    • Blogs are in the top five sources of trustworthy information.
    • Influencers are most active on blogs, as 86% say they have them and 88% of those say they blog for themselves.”

    How to build a Successful Blogger Outreach Strategy?

    1). Approach blogger outreach in a “network building” approach. Create a strategy that identifies the bloggers that lift your brand the most and segment them into an advocacy group that you nurture and work with ongoing.


    2) In the initial outreach email after identifying a blogger you want to work with, send a personalized pitch that contains the following in a clear and concise manner:


    • Brief background on you and your brand
    • Why the two of you are a good fit
    • What are you asking of the blogger
    • What are you willing to give to make the relationship mutually beneficial
    • Link to brand assets but don’t send attachments in first email


    3) Identify niches within blogger verticals that your target consumers would follow.


    4) Trial and error. Try different approaches and work with different niches to learn what digital mediums and what types of posts create the most brand engagement.


    5) Focus on giving your bloggers an entire experience with your brand. This elicits posts that drive engagement as opposed to simple links and shout-outs.


    6) Focus on a contextual fit over a numerical fit. A small but super targeted audience is more effective for your campaign than a blogger who is a “sort of” contextual fit but has a lot of Twitter followers.


    7) Promote all earned media on your own social channels.


    8) Equip bloggers with plenty of assets to help them write an awesome and accurate post about your brand. High-resolution images, product guides, and infographics are great!


    9) Work with bloggers across multiple digital channels. Bloggers promote themselves across their social outlets so their influence tends to be on a variety of mediums.


    The Importance of Guest Blogging in SEO

    The key advantage of investing in guest blogging is the resulting significant traffic. The traffic realized is also good quality in that the visitors tend to stay longer to read through the information as opposed to stumble upon visitors who don’t really visit for long. This translates to reduced bounce rates as the volume of stumble upon visitors is decreased and alternatively replaced by designated visitors with log in times of up to five minutes.


    They may also help raise a website’s visibility online. Building a domain reputation is extremely important today, particularly with online marketing. It is not enough to simply build a site without putting in the time and effort required to do well. Those webpages containing pertinent keywords and phrases will have the best chances of showing up high in the search engine results for specific search phrases along with increasing their authority.


    Besides gaining an overall increase in traffic, guest blogging can be implemented as a tool to increase the amount of daily subscribers to your site. This is particularly through link building.With these, the blogger is at liberty to incorporate links. The greater the links pertaining to a site online, the higher the website is placed in the search results. In short, the more the guest blogs bearing links to your site, the better your search engine result placement. Guest blogging can therefore be stated to optimize a sites visibility.



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