How to Design the Perfect Homepage That Ranks on Google

Here is your search for designing the perfect homepage that ranks top on the google ends. Making home beautiful is a must thing to attract mass people towards your startup or business; it reflects how dedicated you are to your work.

Your home page undoubtedly leaves a patch on the audience, and as is the old saying that says, “your first impression is your last impression.” It depends totally on your homepage, whether the targeted audience walks on your footprints or enjoys another company.

Besides, all the decorated stuff and content, there is one more thing which is above all your process of growing your business. Your speed. Your homepage should be quick to load and be extremely lightweight. People’s internet connection also plays a prominent role in this as well though.

What if your users were unable to find you. Or reaching up to your site is very tedious and end up investing in some other forum. Your hard work and dedication will be of no use if you are unable to show up yourself in the top or front pages on Google search.

There a few tips to making it happen:

Colors go a long way in helping humans remember certain things. So, using the company color scheme and logo is a good idea to use on the homepage.

Information needs to be crisp and important and reflective of your company’s personality. If you try to insert too much information or too little information bordering on vagueness, the visitor will either be bored or ignorant of the content.

Functionality in navigating the website is a must. The visitor or potential customer must not be inconvenienced in scrolling through the homepage itself.

It is where most of the top-notch startup ideas failed to take place in the mainstream business. Their concept is top class and may create an impact on society. But due to this mistake or i can say a big blunder they feel demotivated.

Here, I am providing you the pro tips to make your home page in the top five links of the google search.

Insert those keywords in your homepage, which can be easily picked or predicted by the users

Ask yourself, what you made for the ordinary people or for the investors, which makes them land on your homepage. Don’t hesitate to insert those keywords again and again on your home page.

As these small keys will open up the path for your consumers to land on your site (homepage), explain to them clearly who you are and how you can solve their problem accurately, don’t put them in confusion, say it straight.

Represent your product with statistic and charts

This point will do a little in ranking your page but leaves a positive impression on the audience once they visit your home page. Adding statistics, charts, and comparison graphs will always favor you in attracting the user towards you, and it is still better to look dynamically, writing it in simple text format

 Display it beautifully in every possible way and talk point to point with evidence.

Make further navigation from your home page 

Now, if the user came to your welcome mate, It’s your responsibility to take them inside your guest house with honor. This will add an extraordinary impact on your homepage as they will find a clear way to talk to you face to face. Include forms and buttons on your home page to guide them for further process.

Make your base template (icons that appear on every URL of your site) creative and easy to understand the function of the intended page.

Make your home page mobile-friendly 

It is self-evident that most of the searches are done on mobile phones rather than computers and laptops. There are many websites which only open up in the desktop view. It not only decreases your chances to stay in reach of users but also stand you out of the competition.

Your home page layout should be both mobiles as well as desktop-friendly and should be able to run on various other cross platforms and browsers.

Add feedback and reviews on your front page 

It is most important to know how people react to your product. Adding input and comments to your front page gives exposure to the user, and it will add a boost towards your side.

Organize your home efficiently 

Do not add too much on your home page, leave it for other URLs linked with your home page. The home page is like the hall of your home, and you do not put your bed and boxes in the room. There should be a proper map for your web, and precise linking between them is crucial.

These are some methods or pro tips to make your homepage more SEO friendly.

  • The title of your website, as well as of your homepage, should be catchy and understandable enough to be easily guessed by ordinary users.
  • Relevant keywords should be included everywhere on your website whether be in main content or be in the Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)
  • The website must be beautifully presented with all the essential information presented exactly. 

Customer Testimonials

Potential customers trust existing customers in their views regarding the quality of the company’s products. The existing customers make a social outlook of the company in other’s minds.

A Call to Action

You need to make sure that your primary objective is fulfilled. Whether it is to sell a product or just to spread awareness. The customer must come to your site and fulfill the objectives of both sides, i.e. his or her satisfaction and the fulfillment of your purpose. Thus, you should design your webpage so that there are many cues for the audience to buy your product.


Now, keeping all these things in mind can be difficult so there is an acronym that should be remembered while designing: KISS i.e. Keep It Short and Simple. This is regarding the content and the creator of the homepage. It essentially states that your homepage is for the customers who are visiting for the satisfaction of their own through your products, so it is your responsibility to provide it to them. If your customers are satisfied your company grows, if they feel something is missing, it is their feedback that is your guiding light for a good digital interface.