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We are a leading SEO Services provider in Jalandhar, Punjab, India, Our marketing experts have more than 10 years of experience in generating revenue and sales for our SEO clients. We have successfully achieved thousands of leads to thousands of customers.
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So, you want to get to the first page of Google. Congrats! You have just bumped into the right SEO Company. Our SEO results make us the # 1 Digital Marketing Company in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Keywords Research

Very first step is to research out high volume and targeted keywords for your business that will help you to generate targeted traffic.

Onpage Optimization

To make website user friendly and search engine friendly, we need to do onpage optimization that includes meta tags, title, image, coding etc.

Competitor Analysis

To find out what our competitors are doing is must. Without analyzing them we can not come at first page after beating them.

Link Building Process

High quality link building is the base of getting first page ranking in Google. And the most important is to find out niche related backlinks.

Content Creation

We will produce high quality content and articles for your website to promote them on others high authority sites to achieve top ranking and increase brand value.

Progress Tracking & Reporting

With in first month of working you can track what we have done and we have improved in Google’s ranking. Our details report will impress you.

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Our end-to-end digital solutions and packages have got you covered. We cater for the entire digital ecosystem and have mastered high-quality, cost effective lead generation.

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Outsource SEO Services Jalandhar VS In-House SEO Services Which One is Better For You?

If you are doing business online you understand the importance of SEO. It has become so much important that without Proper SEO of your website It is difficult for a business to survive in the online world where things are changing at a rapid pace. These days several IT firms are providing specialized SEO Services. They charge money in exchange for their professional services. Now the important question arises whether you should hire someone outside of your company to do the SEO for your website or you should rely on the In-House SEO Specialists. To answer the question, first of all, you need to understand the difference between the two which help you choose what’s best for you and your company.


In-House SEO Services

In-House SEO Specialists are the ones who work only for the company. They are a group of expert people and their main job is to cater to the company’s term and long-term SEO needs. The In-House team is dedicated only towards the company projects and they can’t accept outside projects


Outsource SEO Services

Outsource SEO Specialists not work for one particular company rather they work on multiple projects at the same time. They are a group of people who work for different clients from different locations.


In-House SEO Services VS Outsource SEO Services

Now the important question arises whether to rely on In-House SEO Experts for optimization needs of your website or you should outsource it to someone outside the company. There are a few points you should consider which we discuss below it will clear your doubts and help you choose what match best with your needs.



Difference in Knowledge

Well if you’re In-House team is handling the project. One of the limitations of choosing them is that the in-house team has limited knowledge as compared to the Outsource SEO Specialists because they have handled more projects and worked with multiple clients in different geographies. They are more updated with industry trends.


Adapting as per Client Requirement

If your In-house team is working on a project they might delay with the deadline because it is your internal project but the Outsource team will start his work as per your initial requirement and adjust his work as per the deadline. They can easily adapt themselves to the changing needs of their client while the changing needs can raise a conflict between the In-House Team members.


The Cost Factor

The most important thing to consider is the cost factor before you handover your projects to the In-House team or Outsource it to some IT Firm. The common misconception with Outsourcing your project is that it will cost more but it is not completely true. The reality is that while you depend on outsource SEO Services. They charge you one time for the project and deliver their professional services throughout the project. They not only do the optimization for your website also does the regular maintenance in their contract. While with the In-House team there comes a regular maintenance cost and underutilization of the firm resources.


These are some of the key benefits that you will receive with Outsource SEO Services which help your website rank in Search Engine Results. So if you want to thrive in the online business world then you must take SEO Services which will help in the short run as well as long run.

Should You Choose Affordable SEO Services Company in Jalandhar Or Not?

Whether you have a small business or a big business if you are doing business online you must have heard of SEO and the importance of SEO to do business online. If you have a business website or planning to create one for your online business, the First thing you need is SEO Services because without proper SEO of your website you are invisible to the potential Customer. If you are invisible to the customer how the customer is going to buy from you. To make your website visible to the customer you need proper SEO Services.


Large companies with big marketing budgets choosing SEO Services is relatively easy but for a startup or a new business finding the Right SEO Services in the budget can be a hefty task. The normal perception is that cheap is not good which is true to some extent but not always. First of all, you need to figure out what kind of services or help you need in SEO, is it with keyword research, Content Management or Social media marketing or link building. If you are aware of your business SEO needs then you find the right deal in your budget.


The Following Points will definitely help you choose the right affordable services for your business.


Your Competitors

Every business whether they are selling goods or providing some sort of services every business has many competitors in their niche which are also known as your primary competitors as they are selling the same type of goods or offering the same kind of services and similar sizes etc. The Company you choose for SEO of your business must have a clear idea of what your competitors are doing what kind of keywords they are targeting to be visible in different search engines. What kind of marketing tactics they are using, Are they doing SEO of their website on their own or some IT firm is doing it for them. Most importantly are they doing it ethically or using unfair practices to capture the online market.


Affordable Or Cheap

While you are searching for the SEO Services in your budget one thing you should be aware of that affordable service doesn’t mean cheap in any way. Cheap services are those IT companies which are using strategies like Black hat SEO which may help your business in the short run to get fast result, But in long run instead of doing any good, it will harm your website because Google is monitoring everything happening online. If you use techniques like Black hat SEO it will block your website from search engines permanently.


Affordable Services are not impossible to find. The right kind of SEO Company will optimize your website professionally following the right SEO strategies that will suit your business needs.


Bottom-line is your website needs SEO to be visible to your customer online. You can post for your SEO requirement in different forums. Any company can claim to offer the best SEO Services in the market but you shouldn’t trust them blindly. Understand the kind of services they are offering to verify their credentials and stay away from the overpriced ones. Ask for client references verify the client websites if they are doing well in search engines chances are your website is also going to do the same. If possible ask for a free trial for a week or not if you comfortable then pay only for the services.

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