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We are a leading SEO Services provider in Mohali, India, Our marketing experts have more than 10 years of experience in generating revenue and sales for our SEO clients. We have successfully achieved thousands of leads to thousands of customers.
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So, you want to get to the first page of Google. Congrats! You have just bumped into the right SEO Company. Our SEO results make us the # 1 Digital Marketing Company in Mohali, India.

Keywords Research

Very first step is to research out high volume and targeted keywords for your business that will help you to generate targeted traffic.

Onpage Optimization

To make website user friendly and search engine friendly, we need to do onpage optimization that includes meta tags, title, image, coding etc.

Competitor Analysis

To find out what our competitors are doing is must. Without analyzing them we can not come at first page after beating them.

Link Building Process

High quality link building is the base of getting first page ranking in Google. And the most important is to find out niche related backlinks.

Content Creation

We will produce high quality content and articles for your website to promote them on others high authority sites to achieve top ranking and increase brand value.

Progress Tracking & Reporting

With in first month of working you can track what we have done and we have improved in Google’s ranking. Our details report will impress you.

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Dricki IT Solutions offers the best SEO services for small businesses who just started their businesses or looking for growth and Guaranteed SEO Ranking.  We will help your business to gain online visibility and increase ROI. We have been providing affordable SEO services since 2011 across the globe.  

Our end-to-end digital solutions and packages have got you covered. We cater for the entire digital ecosystem and have mastered high-quality, cost effective lead generation.

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How Much You Should Pay for SEO Services in Mohali?

Many times people got confused while deciding how much to pay for SEO Services. Especially newbie’s burn their hands while selecting SEO Services for their Startup or a new business because they don’t have much hands-on experience in all these areas.


The thing about SEO Service is that it is not a difficult work in nature but that doesn’t mean anyone can do this easily. If you are serious about ranking your business or website on Google then you need an SEO Specialist because SEO work requires skill, hard work, knowledge, planning & implementing different strategies and measure their result that’s why we need SEO Engineers, Now the question arises how to select right people to do the job for you and also not end up overpaying for SEO Services.


Most of the Agencies are providing quality SEO work they hired professionals to do the work for you, but there are still few people who don’t have much SEO knowledge. To save yourself from these we recommend you to go below the checklist.


Following Points, you should consider while selecting SEO Services for your business.

* Set yourself a Marketing Budget before you spend your hard-earned money.


* Don’t buy a service just because it is cheap to remember cheap is not always better.


* Ask for their Client testimonials


* See if they have prior experience in the niche in which your business operates.


* Verify their reviews carefully


Set yourself a Marketing Budget before you spend your hard-earned money.

If you want to save yourself from overspending on SEO Services than the first thing you should do is to create a marketing budget as per your need, the industry in which your business operates, the competitiveness of your brand. While preparing budget one thing you should have in mind that the budget should be flexible not a fixed budget because your marketing need is going to change with time so the budget should be flexible.


While planning for your SEO budget you should think of the long term because spending 200 dollars or 300 dollars overnight doesn’t rank your website straightway. If you want to rank your website in top 10 then be prepared to spend thousands of dollars if not millions to get reliable and high-quality SEO Services.



Don’t buy a service just because it is cheap remember cheap is not always better.

You may have already heard of it cheap is not always better. In layman terms if someone is offering you their SEO Services for as cheap as 30 dollars it doesn’t mean that you should jump and take that service from him just because it is cheap There might be two reasons for it. First is that person doesn’t know his own worth and Second reason could be he doesn’t know what he is doing.


Remember if want to take High quality, yet affordable SEO Services than you should be prepared to spend thousands of dollars for it depending on your marketing needs, although it worth every penny. If you think SEO Services are too costly, stop for a second think again. If you compare SEO Services with other Advertising channels like Television, print media, outdoor media such as flex board, hoarding etc. Comparing their investment, returns on investment then SEO will always come top because of its high ROI.


Ask for their client testimonials.

Selecting an SEO Service provider for your business is an important decision because the wrong choice can hurt your business short term and long term growth and affect adversely so you must pay utmost attention in selecting a professional, before taking an SEO Service from a provider first thing you should ask for his client testimonials it will give you a better idea with how many clients he worked in the past and compare it with other SEO Service providers who are offering same services in this price range. Doing this will give you a lot of insights while selecting an SEO Specialist for your Website.


See if they have prior experience in the niche in which your business operates.

Before choosing an SEO Specialist one of the important things to consider is to see the person you are selecting for the job have prior experience in that niche or not. Suppose your business in healthcare niche and you are working with a SEO Specialist who have prior experience in that niche because he understands your industry he can provide you better service at same cost than someone who doesn’t.


Verify their reviews carefully

Verifying information is not an easy task you should try to reach out to as many people as you can. There are many people out there in the SEO Service industry who want to scam you by showing results of their own websites or fake results. Try to verify each review carefully on your own independent analysis of each review will help you not choosing some scam services in name of SEO.


In nutshell, whether you pay thousands of dollars for better quality SEO work or you take cheap services from multiple providers for 20 or 30 dollars. You should always think of long term and be patient with the results because high-quality SEO work will take time to show results so if someone can help you scale your business at a fair price then you should definitely consider that deal.

What factors you should Consider Before Choosing an SEO Service Company in Mohali?

More and more businesses are getting online these days to increase their sales in addition to the local sales. If you want your website to rank on Google you need the right kind of SEO but, unfortunately, most of the IT companies not deliver the right kind of results you are looking for. Keep this thing in mind small businesses should be careful in their search for SEO Services for their business because the sales of their business will only improve with the right kind of SEO.


Here are some of the tips that will help you save your hard-earned money and get the best value if you are scouting for marketing services


 Ask For Case Study 

A Good SEO Service company, first of all, will take a hard look at your website content on its pages then offer you the suggestion to improve in the search rankings on different search engines such as Google, Bing etc. If a company is offering you their SEO package without even bothering to look at your website then I will advise you to look for some other company. A good SEO Service will first look at the website and find out the strength and weaknesses of your business and also discuss with you the competitors in your niche. The strategies they are using to grow their online business will give a complete idea about areas where you need to improve as a company before you scale your business online.


Ask For Client Websites And Reviews 

Before taking SEO Services from a company see their websites first, check their content and how their own website keywords are ranking in Google. If they can’t rank their own website how can they help you? Ask for their client websites how they are looking like on the internet check how many clients they help in improving their rankings. Check their service reviews on Google doing all these help you choose the best.


Ask Different Companies Compare Their Pricing 

Ask several IT Companies who are offering a variety of SEO Services in the market. A top-notch IT Company will charge you thousands of dollars if not millions but a midsized IT firm offering similar services can be a good option for you because that will fit under your marketing budget. Before your selection ask for their detailed service rate card which includes services for Content Management, SEO Audit, Article Writing, Keyword research etc. That will you give a complete idea of how much you are paying for one service and help you adjust your marketing budget as well.


Check Their SEO Strategy

Before Choosing the IT firm Don’t forget to ask for their SEO Planning and Strategy. See their Complete Plan especially that is similar to your business that can help your business improve its rankings. Some SEO Companies are specialists in Keyword Research, some are more focused on Link Building on High reputed Websites. Few focus more on Social Media Marketing while others emphasize on Article Writing for their client.


After going through all these points carefully. Read the agency contract before signing it. Read their terms and conditions carefully before you indulge in any long term partnership with them.

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