Spy on Social Media Platforms – Facebook and Tumblr Activities

The social media has grabbed a significant spot in the lives of teens and tweens of post-millennial generation.The socializing platforms such as Facebook and Tumblr keep youngsters stick to their smartphones for more than nine hours a day.While these social networking platforms allow users to communicate with the people across the world, they also expose them to several risks including bullying, child molestation, scamming, cat-fishing and sexually explicit stuff.This article discusses how we can monitor social media apps to protect children from the threats prevailing in the online world.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform and widely used for social media marketing that connects millions of people across the world. It allows users to post statuses, photos, videos, audios, links, events and whatever they want. The Facebook messenger allows users to exchange text messages, voice messages, audio calls and video calls with online fellows.The popularity of social networking platform has also attracted bullies and predators to find and victimize their target via Facebook. They send threatening messages to victim keeping their identities hidden. The predators lure teens and tweens and sexually exploit them.The scamming and cat-fishing are also very common on Facebook and other social media platforms.


Tumblr is micro-blogging site and the most popular social media platform among American teens. Tumblr is more popular than Facebook in some areas of the world. The platform allows users to post and share images, videos, audios, links and stuff of their choice. Tumblr allows users to post content that they cannot post on other micro-blogging and social media sites. This privilege has made Tumblr the most favorable platform for rebels and exploiters.There is abundance of adult-oriented content because the data published on micro-blogging site remains unfiltered. The user of Tumblr can keep his identity hidden and take advantage of this anonymity by harassing and exploiting others.

TheOneSpy Social Media Monitoring App

The security and privacy risks of social media platforms are undeniable. Fortunately, there is an application that is intended for parents to supervise the social media activities of their children. TheOneSpy is a multi-platform monitoring app that is developed to track cell phones running Android OS and iOS. You can use this app to track online and offline activities of your children performed on and around the monitored cell phone.

Once you install the monitoring software on Android phone or iPhone of your kid, you can monitor and control that device via online portal of spy app. After installation on targeted device, the spy app gets access to the mobile phone data and uploads to the online panel of spyware app. The cell phone spy app also accesses data related to social media apps and instant messengers. Read on to know how this monitoring app lets you spy on Facebook and Tumblr activities.

Spy on Facebook App

TheOneSpy lets you monitor Facebook by tracking social media activities of your children. The spy app lets you track Facebook conversations, posts, friends list and followers list. You can read incoming and outgoing messages of your children containing text, stickers and emoticons. This conversation includes one-on-one and group chats.The spy app also provides call logs to let you know the detail of incoming and outgoing voice and video calls of your teens. The on-demand screenshots of the cell phone tracker app let you capture every activity performed on the social media app. You can send command to the targeted Android device to capture screenshots to let you witness and record Facebook activities of your children.

Spy on Tumblr

The cell phone tracking app lets you monitor micro-blogging site Tumblr.You can know what sort of activities is being performed by your children on the social networking platform. The spy app lets you know whether your kids are using the powerful social media site in a responsible and secure way or not. Parents can read messages of their kids received and sent via Tumblr to ensure these messages do not contain bullying content. Moreover, the spy app lets you monitor whatever your kids post and share on micro-blogging site. You can monitor all social media activities of your children without letting them know. This will help you ensure the protection of your childrenwhile using the powerful social media.