Video Optimize Tips to Get More Organic Clients

Video marketing technique continues to be an integral part of getting organic clients along with SEO videos that are an effective tool for differentiating your own brand from others and simply outrank the competitors.

There is no secret in saying that videos have become an important part of the content marketing world. They give a chance to marketers for making powerful emotional connections using customers’ attention. It leads to a higher engagement with the brand and increased sales and lead. According to an issue of Forbes magazine, videos will drive the whole global consumer traffic to the internet and websites.

The latest SERP change by Google is another hint at the importance of videos in the marketing field. The video carousel was introduced by replacing the video boxes for the desktop search by Google. This powerful format now allows the searchers for accessing more videos easily.

How do digital marketers take advantage of the importance of the videos? This article intends to give you some useful to optimize using videos to get more organic clients to your website.

1.      Analyze Video Metrics, Content and SERPs

Have you identified, classified, optimized and prioritized all of your videos? If not, then I’m going to tell you simple steps for starting it.

First, you need to analyze the video metrics closely from YouTube, the provider of video hosting, and the account using Google Analytics. Then see that which of your videos have got proper views. Secondly, analyze the content of videos and use keyword research for finding out some optimization opportunities regarding every topic. Thirdly, analyze SERPs, then find out which of your videos are properly displayed using the relevant keywords. Those videos will become your starting SEO list for videos.

When you optimize your videos further, which are showing in search results right now, this is the best chance to incorporate qualified traffic, brand awareness and proper results. This process may take some effort and time, but in the end, it will be quite useful for organic clients. This way, you can do video optimization as a priority by planning which in turn leads to an improvement in the baseline metrics of your views.

2.      Find Gaps in the Video Content

You need to analyze the search queries that are popular and then compare the keywords which are in your video library at this time. This way, you will find the loopholes and produce further video material to fill those gaps. An example is that you may be thinking that users want to know about particular software solutions, but in reality, the majority wants to learn how to incorporate your software into a specific platform or tool. It is an important insight into customer behavior that can be useful for your future content of videos.

This kind of query analysis can help you identify customers’ requirements and various opportunities for marketing. This way, you can also identify the gaps present in the video library. Moreover, your next videos would be quite effective as you will make them keeping the latest popularity of a certain topic in mind.

3.      Including the Videos in Your Web Material

I would suggest that you should view their top pages in search and analyze their engagement metrics. See if you can add some video in this content and analyze if it will increase the viewer engagement. When videos are embedded in the content, they can boost the curiosity of a visitor which will lead to higher site time, page views, and conversions. Any page can benefit from the videos as the texts tend to be heavy and wordy while the videos can spark curiosity.

4.      Expand Focus on SEO Keywords Using Videos

Content in video form gives a chance to expand the SEO focus. Rather than using the same keywords which you used on the website, this would be an opportunity to more keywords within the descriptions and titles of your videos. As you know that most videos involve the procedures and processes, tips for their implementation, or steps on “how to”. It can give you a chance to expand the SEO scope, and you can incorporate specific keywords that involve “implementation”, “process”, or “procedure”.

5.      Add Some Optimized Links

There are many videos out there that have no links to refer back to a website. It is very crucial to add the backlinks in the video descriptions for suitable website content to make it easily and quickly accessible to the customer. There should be no prospects of a search for getting added information relating to a topic, just give the direct link; add it in the video description.

6.      Use Videos for Getting Ahead of the Competitors

Watch the YouTube channel of your competitors and their videos to understand what kind of content are they are creating and which keywords they have targeted in the descriptions. This way, you can bridge the gaps in your content and get some ideas from them.

For instance, you may find out that your competitor is making videos to present solutions relevant to various industries. If that is already in your strategy for marketing, and you know keywords related to that particular industry is your plan for SEO, then this is a chance to expand the video.

I would recommend that you understand and analyze the videos of your competitors who are ranking on top because of certain keywords. You need to understand videos that are in the top rankings in YouTube and search engines with their targeted keywords. This would be your winning strategy for SEO and optimizing your videos for organic client traffic.


For optimizing your videos and getting more organic clients, you need to analyze your video library, video visibility, keyword focus, backlinks, and identifying content in your gap. There is no doubt that video holds immense potential in your brand growth and visibility in the search engines, not to mention organic clients.